Wednesday, September 16, 2009

TRAVELING TOTS ART TOTE - Instead Of Talkin' They'll Be Chalkin'


These are my newest creation for my Etsy Shop and they have become quite the hit!  I am so excited about these really.  I had seen crayon rolls everywhere and while I still love a good crayon roll, these are just filled with so much more.  You can have your crayons, paper, chalk and chalk mat all in one tote.  

With my kids, I put in a non-toxic glue stick and put paper cutouts from my Cricut machine and some stickers behind the pad of paper.  The main reason I love these (besides their cuteness factor) is that they work.  My kids get bored after a while with one particular toy.  This offers constant "new" entertainment.  I just switch up what I carry in it.  These have been tested by my kids and friends kids and they get the stamp of approval!


S and O said...

Those are beautiful and what a nifty little idea!!! :)


Lisa said...

I love this. I've seen the crayon rolls and then chalk boards but never everything together like this. I'd love to do a review and/or giveaway on my blog sometime if you need help spreading the word

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