Wednesday, September 16, 2009

TRAVELING TOTS ART TOTE - Instead Of Talkin' They'll Be Chalkin'


These are my newest creation for my Etsy Shop and they have become quite the hit!  I am so excited about these really.  I had seen crayon rolls everywhere and while I still love a good crayon roll, these are just filled with so much more.  You can have your crayons, paper, chalk and chalk mat all in one tote.  

With my kids, I put in a non-toxic glue stick and put paper cutouts from my Cricut machine and some stickers behind the pad of paper.  The main reason I love these (besides their cuteness factor) is that they work.  My kids get bored after a while with one particular toy.  This offers constant "new" entertainment.  I just switch up what I carry in it.  These have been tested by my kids and friends kids and they get the stamp of approval!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Halloween Drawstring Backpacks

After my aunt requested that I make her a drawstring backpack in Route 66 Fabric for all her car show trinkets, I decided that it would be a cute idea to have a backpack for Trick-or-Treating Toddlers on Halloween.  My kids will hold onto a regular bag for only so long before it gets handed off to me.  This is exactly what my kids will be sporting this Halloween...  

They can hold onto it like a traditional trick-or-treat bag to grab all their loot, but swing it over their shoulders for when they are walking.  

I also decided to make my daughter a drawstring backpack with a matching toddler pillow in Disney Princess satin fabric that she picked out herself.  My husband ran a honey-do errand to the fabric store and took Charlotte with him.  She never returns home empty handed from an outing with daddy.  He asked her if she wanted Princess or Little Mermaid fabric, and she wanted the princesses.  She LOVES her silky bag and pillow...  
Next project, a backpack and pillow for her brother who was very jealous this morning.